How to visit the Lope de Vega House Museum in Barrio de las Letras


Facade of the Lope de Vega House Museum in Madrid

Few are the examples of amedieval house What can you find during yourtrip to Madrid.

However, during your walk through the so-calledNeighborhood of the letters, around theSanta Ana Square, you have the opportunity to visit the Lope de Vega House Museum.

Indeed, in theCervantes street 11 one of the few examples of medieval era house in Madrid, the one he once bought and where he livedLope de Vega, now converted into a museum house.

Facade of the Lope de Vega House Museum in Madrid

Who was Lope de Vega

Called thePhoenix of the Wits for his contemporary Miguel de Cervantes, Lope de Vega was born in Madrid in 1562, coinciding with the designation of the city as kingdom capital by Philip II, and was one of the most important authors of the so-called Spanish Golden Age,

Lope de Vega I study in the Jesus company and in the University of Alcala de Henares, and was a prolific author of the time, because he wrote poems, some novels and, above all, an infinity of plays.

In addition to being highly valued by Cervantes, was a friend of Quevedo and was enmity with Gongora.

After living in several cities,Lope de Vega He returned to Madrid in 1610, and with 48 years he bought the house where he lived until his death in August 1635.

Lope de Vega He paid 9,000 reais for this three-story house, currently equivalent to 14 euros. It was about one medieval house of accommodated level.

Facade of the Lope de Vega House Museum in Madrid

In the house he lived with several daughters and sons, the result of his turbulent love life, because he had two wives and several lovers.

In addition, his last wife died in 1618, after which Lope de Vega He converted to the priesthood.

But it was also a guesthouse, complying with the rule of the Royalties of the Chamber, imposed at the time by Philip II.

History House Museum Lope de Vega

It was in 1929 when theLope de Vega House Museum project, after several centuries in which the house was the home of several families.

The owner of then, Antonia Garcia, widow of Cabrejo, proposed the creation of a foundation to turn the house into a museum, a proposal that was supported by the Spanish Academy, which assumed the restoration.

Finally, in 1935 the house was declared Historic Artistic Monument and it was opened to the public as a museum, to subsequently have various restorations, the last one completed in 1992.

Garden of the Lope de Vega House Museum in Madrid

Since December 2007 the Lope de Vega House Museum It is managed by the Madrid's community, and is one of the main tourist attractions of theNeighborhood of the letters.

How to visit the Lope de Vega House Museum

For visit the Lope de Vega House Museum, it can only be done in previously established groups, and with a maximum limit of 15 people.

The guided tour of the Lope de Vega House Museum it will allow you not only to approach the illustrious character of Spanish Golden Age, but also know the lifestyle in the houses of Madrid during the 17th century.

The first thing that will surprise you when you go to visit is that in the historic center of Madrid you can find an interior garden of its characteristics.

The house maintains some of its rooms with the original layout, and others have been subsequently remodeled in order to recreate the atmosphere of its time.

Garden of the Lope de Vega House Museum in Madrid

The guided tour begins by going up to the first floor, where you can see the so-called Chapel of San Isidro, which was used by Lope de Vega To pray every day.

You have to remember that Lope de Vega, during the time he lived in this house he had converted to the priesthood, and that Marcula, one of his daughters, was one of the nuns who lived in the nearby Convent of the Trinitarian.

The next stay you will see is the study, the largest in the house, which has two environments, the Lope de Vega study table, and a room with a library.

The latter shows incunable books of the time given by the Language Academy and for the National Library.

The next room is the Dais, next to the study, which was used for meetings by women in the house; It is decorated with a dais with cushions and a mirror that gives it more space.

The rest of the rooms of the House Museum of Lope de Vega in Madrid are recreated.

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Garden of the Lope de Vega House Museum in Madrid

So, you can see the daughters room of Lope de Vega and the Dinning room, which has been decorated with Talavera ceramics from documentation of the time.

The Kitchen It is also on the first floor, although originally it was on the ground floor, and is presented with a fireplace, a cupboard and jars.

Already on the second floor you can visit a recreation of the servitude room, more austere, with a canopy bed, no mirror and no bargueño.

You will also see the guest room, in compliance with the aforementioned Apartment Royalty, in which he was staying for nine months on Captain Alonso de Contreras.

And finally you will see the room of the sons of Lope de Vega and that of his last partner, Marta de Nevares, with whom he had three children.

Garden of the Lope de Vega House Museum in Madrid

In sum, a very interesting visit that will allow you recreate the atmosphere of medieval Madrid.

Schedules Lope de Vega House Museum

He visiting hours of the House Museum of Lope de VegaIt is from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm, with last access at 5 pm.

Theadmission is freeand as I said, it can only be done by signing up for Guided visits in a group.

The visits start every half hour, with a duration of about 35 minutes.

Therefore it is essential to book in advance the time of your visit, which you can do by phone 91 429 92 16 or by mail[email protected]