This is the visit of the Royal Palace in the Plaza de Oriente


Madrid's royal palace

A great monuments that you should not miss in your trip to Madrid is the Royal Palace which you find in one of the most beautiful corners of the capital, the Plaza de Oriente

And in this regard I anticipate that your visit of the Madrid's royal palace especially it has to focus on a tour ofOfficial Halls of this historic building.

On this tour you will find spectacular decorations, in addition to the peculiarity that a large part of the rooms are still used regularly for official events and state ceremonies.

Imperial style main staircase in the Royal Palace of Madrid

This way you visit of the Royal Palace it's going to be a walk through a building "alive" which is going to show you much of his great artistic wealth.

What to see in Royal Palace of Madrid

To start your visit you will access the site of Royal Palace by Armory Square, entrance in front of the Almudena Cathedral, which is where the lockers are located.

In the Royal Palace you will tour the 18 rooms open to the public, which are located on the first floor of the building.

But you can also visit the Royal Armory, great dependence that is located on one side of the aforementioned Armory Square.

Once you enter the great building of Madrid's royal palace, the first milestone of your visit will be the spectacular imperial main staircase.

Royal Armory of the Royal Palace of Madrid - Photos: Osvaldo Gago

Designed by SabatiniIt has two levels, and on the central landing a large sculpture of the King Carlos III made in Carrara marble.

The 72 steps of the grand staircase are formed by blocks of five meters of Toledo marble.

In the balustrade the lions that represent the power are located.

The first room you are going to find is the los Halberdiers, in which the soldiers of the Royal Guard during official receptions.

Its vault is the original, painted in the 18th century by Tiépolo.

Throne Hall

From here you will visit two of the Official Highlights of the Royal Palace of Madrid, he Hall of the Columns and the Throne Hall, the latter place where kings make receptions.

Throne Room in the Royal Palace of Madrid

The back room, the Antechamber of Carlos III, is the first neoclassical room, and it highlights four Goya paintings with portraits of King Carlos IV and the queen Maria Luisa de Parma.

You can also see some of the 600 watches in the collection of Charles IV They are preserved in the Royal Palace.

Gasparini lounge

After passing the Gasparini lounge, perhaps the one with the most spectacular decoration in the entire Madrid's royal palace, you access the area of ​​private rooms.

There is the so-called Carlos III Hall, dedicated to the Military and religious order King.

Decorated all in blue, it was once the king's bedroom.

Porcelain Saleta in the Royal Palace of Madrid

The later Porcelain Saleta is another one of the artistic jewels of the Royal Palace.

Royal Palace Gala Dining

And after going through the Yellow Saleta, named for the coating of its walls with yellow silk, you will reach the impressive Royal Palace Gala Dining, which currently continues to fulfill the functions of dining room and ballroom.

Next to Gala Dining is the Hall of Mirrors, where Alfonso XIII and his family met on Sunday afternoons to watch movies.

At present it is also called the Band Hall, it is where the Royal Orchestra to liven up the great state banquets.

In the center of it stands out the central mahogany and bronze candle, from 1788.

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Gala dining room in the Royal Palace of Madrid

The next two rooms are shown as exhibition halls, the Silver Room, where you will see silver tableware between the 17th and 19th centuries, and the Crockery and Glassware Room, with exhibition of porcelain and glass tableware used daily by the kings.

After leaving to the interior gallery on the first floor, you will reach the Royal Chapel, another highlight of the Royal Palace.

And then you will access another room where you will find another of the artistic jewels of the Royal Palace, the Stradivarius Palatinos' barracks, considered as the most important set in the world.

Stradivarius from the collection of the Royal Palace of Madrid

Finally you will visit some small rooms that are widely used in the day by the king Alfonso XII (Pool hall, Smoking room Stucco Room and the office with the marquetry furniture of King Carlos III).

From there you arrive again at the other wing of the main Staircase, where you will descend to the Armory Square.

There you can complete the tour of the Royal Palace with a visit to the Royal Armory , or already outside the building grounds, you can walk through the Moro gardens or those of Sabatini, which surround the palace.

In total, all the visit to the interior dependencies of Madrid's royal palace It can take you an hour and a half.

Madrid's royal palace