4 places to visit in Monterey Bay on the West Coast


Art gallery at Carmel by the Sea in California

If you are going to make a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles (or vice versa) following the west coast ofCalifornia, one of the areas you will pass through is the Monterey Bay.

In this area you will find various natural enclaves, as well as some interesting town, in addition to being able to sign up for some nautical or sports activity.

Then I will point 4 places to visit in Monterey. and its surroundings.

Sea lions in the natural setting 17 Mile Drive of Monterey

You will reach this area on one of the most popular routes on the west coast, Highway 1 known asPacific Coast Highway, which runs through landscapes of cliffs on the coast.

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  • Carmel by the Sea
  • Sea Lions at 17 Mile Drive
  • Excursions to see whales
  • Pebble beach
  • Monterey and Carmel Tour
  • How to get to Monterey Bay

Carmel by the Sea

In Carmel by the Sea, located very close to Monterey, you will find a charming villa that shows a certain bohemian atmosphere That will surprise you.

This is because originally Carmel by the Sea It was founded by writers and artists with the aim of creating a community dedicated to art.

During the last century there were numerous artists who resided in this seaside town of Carmel by the Sea, but also actors and novelists.

For example, novelists Jack london and Sinclair Lewisthe actresses Doris day, Joan Fontaine and Kim Novakand the actors Brad Pitt and Clint eastwood.

Sea lions in Monterey in California

At present, a sample of the bohemian atmosphere of Carmel by the Sea is the existence of numerous art Galeries.

Also, this villa also highlights the small farm houses, with an architectural style that has become a feature of Carmel by the Sea.

Sea Lions at 17 Mile Drive

In this area of ​​the Monterey Bay, a very prominent enclave is the natural site 17 Mile Drive.

It is a coastal road that runs through an area of ​​nature, which is mostly known by the hundreds of sea ​​lions which are concentrated in rocky enclaves by the sea.

Monterey Pier in California

Excursions to see whales

One of the activities at sea that you can join in the Monterey area are the excursions to see whales.

To do this you must go toFisherman's wharf from Monterey, pier from where the main excursions depart.

This excursion will take you about four hours, but you must bear in mind that the possibility of seeing whales depends on many factors, but in any case you can enjoy a pleasant walk by the sea.

Pebble beach

In the aforementioned residential area ofCarmel By The Sea you will see an area full of mansions and, above all, large andgolf courses.

I am referring specifically to the area ofPebble beach, near the aforementioned natural site17 Mile Drive.

Golf course at Pebble Beach in Monterey California


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If you are fond of the practice of golf, in Pebble Beach you will have a good chance to enjoy your favorite sport in some fields that have achieved great fame.

Monterey and Carmel Tour

If you are in San Francisco, and instead of going on your own you prefer to sign up for a group tour with a guide in Spanish to make this visit, you can sign up for a Monterey and Carmel Tour.

This ten-hour excursion allows you to know in one day the most prominent corners of this bay, including Pebble Beach and 17 Mile Drive.

Here you have the excursion information.

How to get to Monterey Bay